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All Robbini Bespoke suits are customized for an unparalleled fit. We believe fit is the most essential component of a well made suit. This is the reason one wears Bespoke suits - to get the perfect fit. You will be able to choose from an array of premium-quality fabrics. We provide prestigious Super 150-180’s Italian fabric.


All Robbini Bespoke suits are hand made and feature the following masterful workmanship details:


Full Canvas Construction, Hand stitching, Custom Linings, Horn Buttons, Sweat Shields, Personalized Monogramming, Working Button Holes, Rubber Waistband, Heel Protective Cuffs, and more.



Why be a part of the rentals’ group at your formal occasion? No man’s wardrobe is complete without a custom-tailored tuxedo. Every man should look his best at any event, especially ones requiring elegance. Don't forget to ask us about our special packages for grooms and their groomsmen.



Get that tailored fit with a custom-made dress shirt. Whether it’s for everyday business or a more casual environment, our custom shirts will refine your look with class. We have over 1,000 premium cotton blends to choose from and a number of different collar and cuff styles to fit your liking. All of our bespoke shirts come with the option of custom monogramming at no extra cost.



Complete your bespoke wardrobe and stand out at that weekend get-together or party when you throw on a custom tailored blazer.


We have a wide variety of modern and classic designs. Pick a unique patterned blazer to wear with jeans or a solid navy blazer to throw on when you need to meet clients.


Customize your jacket with custom linings, working buttonholes and personal monogramming.



We understand the difficulties of finding the perfect fitting pair of pants. There's no need to bother with purchasing baggy, short or long pants and then spending the additional money to alter them. Get the pants perfect the first time. Our custom-made pants are cut to fit the way you desire. Choose from hundreds of slack fabrics including wool for dress trousers, and cotton for casual everyday wear.  



Once you have your bespoke wardrobe, do not cover it with a poorly-fitting coat. Stay custom and finish your look with a wonderful overcoat. We have a wide range of designs and fabrics such as high-quality cashmere.  

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